The ultimate goal of simulations is to optimize one or more phases of the product life cycle.

We will inform you openly if we do not consider a simulation to be promising with regard to your objectives and, if possible, suggest a better solution.

Do you already carry out simulations and calculations yourself? Test us and supplement your own calculation experience with ours. Increase the capacity of your calculation department.

Examples of the objectives of simulations:

Reduce development costs and time

Faster evaluation of design proposals. Reliable dimensioning of the components.


Optimize the structural characteristics of your product

Mass reduction. Maximize stiffness. Increase fatigue strength.


Gain development security

Identify all critical points. Understand overload failure mechanisms. Identify the limits of an optimization.


Clarify issues of approval and certification

Standard-compliant dimensioning of components. Preparation of strength verifications for the attention of certification bodies.


Take the right action in the case of a claim

Targeted design improvement. Avoid new critical spots in design changes.


Visualize your product for marketing purposes

Represent internal force flows. Visualize deformations. Show extreme behavior.