Our customers are experts in their industry. They rely on our expertise for calculations and simulations.
Below is a small selection of projects carried out.

Life Sciences

  • Simulations of a sensor contact lens for the measurement of intraocular pressure (hyper- and viscoelastic material models, dynamic analyses in the time and frequency domain)
  • Simulation of experimental fatigue tests on dental implant systems (complex contact situations, evaluation concepts, sub-model analyses)
  • Assembly simulation of plastic housings (explicit dynamic simulations)


Energy & Process

  • Strength verification for butterfly valves and spherical valves of hydroelectric power plants (complex assembly simulations, verification according to steel construction and pressure vessel standards, load analyses, test plans for strain gauge measurements)
  • Stuctural integrity assessments including earthquake resistance of electric motors and generators (response spectrum method)
  • Thermal analysis of an electronic unit with active ventilation

Stausee Kaprun

Transportation & Mobility

  • Design and strength verification of components for railway bogies (fatigue analyses, load analyses, strength of screws)
  • Strength assessments of transport containers (stability analyses, analytical verification)
  • Design of cross beams in road vehicles


Industrial Equipment

  • Structural integrity assessments of pressure vessel closures, housing and pipe flanges (screw design, nonlinear material models)
  • Optimization of conveyor systems (simulation of kinematics, analytical derivation of optimal deflection geometries)
  • Creating the calculation part for a sales software (optimization algorithm based on the knapsack problem, input syntax for constraints)