Frequently asked questions and answers about our services. The answers are to be understood as general statements. Again: no rule without exception. Thank you for your interest in an in-depth discussion of these topics.


General Questions

What is the benefit of a FE simulation for my product?

What is the typical procedure for a FE simulation?

What is meant by 'calculation', 'FE analysis' or 'simulation'?

Are FE simulations expensive?

Does a FE simulation without accurate material properties make sense?


Accuracy and Quality Assurance

How detailed are the results of a FE simulation?

What are possible sources of error in a FE simulation?

How are errors detected and avoided in FE simulations?


Business and Legal Issues

Why have the calculation carried out by an external company? (Make-or-Buy?)

Is the discretion of my data guaranteed?

How does data archiving work?


FE Simulation versus Test (Physical Experiment)

Does a FE simulation without a test make sense?

What is the purpose of additional FE simulation in addition to tests?

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