Simulation & Calculation

Verify the structural strength of a component, calculate deformations or determine the service life of a structure. These are typical activities in our daily work.

We perform multiphysical simulations (FE simulations) and calculations for the entire product life cycle – from the rapid assessment of a product idea to complex proof of strength. Cutting-edge simulation tools complement our expertise.

With our many years of expertise in numerical simulations and technical calculations, we ensure you an optimal approach to solving your problem. Our tools allow the continuous adaptation of the calculation depth if the requirements increase in the course of a project.

Static and dynamic analysis

Thermal analyses

Electrical analysis






Analytical calculations quickly yield results using closed formulas. They are used for initial assessments, for checking results or as the basis for the calculation of many current standards and guidelines.

General machine and steel construction

Pressure vessel

Rail vehicles

Energy technology

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«… multiphysical simulations and calculations for the entire product lifecycle …»