Support & Consulting

Use our know-how in all aspects of FE simulations and calculations in structural mechanics, thermomechanics and electrostatics.

Expert and Coaching Partner

Rely on the knowledge of an experienced structural analysis engineer for your product development. With relatively little effort, an early structural-mechanical assessment can prevent high follow-up costs. You will receive recommendations for design changes, pre-dimensioning or tools for your own computational checks.
If you carry out FE simulations yourself, we will be happy to give you a second opinion on your results. Depending on the question, we will show you a meaningful further procedure.



We create technical software for data processing or for special calculation routines for your product. As tools we use programming languages (Fortran, Python) or programs like Mathcad or Excel.
This makes it possible to automate a repetitive work step, integrate expert knowledge into a process, or increase the user-friendliness of data analysis.
For example, technical software enables reliable pre-dimensioning of a product with analytical methods. This prevents unpleasant surprises at a later stage of the development process and thus saves costs.


Training and Further Education

You want to introduce simulations in your company or expand your internal calculation possibilities. A transfer of know-how from an experienced simulation specialist such as Archytas AG is recommended. We support you competently and provide you with the necessary skills in a targeted and efficient manner.